Favorite Travel Gear

Traveling is a part of my job, so I’m constantly looking for new bags, gadgets, and self-care items to make it easier to travel.  It’s not easy to travel long distances, and a good bag that is utilitarian (bonus points if it is cute!) will make life so much easier when you are cranky and smelly.


I feel like I’ve gotten traveling down to a science. Let’s talk about bags. Longer Trips I take one large piece of luggage that has room for souvenirs.  Because they get beat up so much in transit, I check out Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross for hard-sided luggage.  I only replace them once every 5 … Continue reading Bags


I was on a flight once whose entertainment system only worked for about 1/4 of the passengers (I was not one of them).  When you are facing a 14 hour flight, you never know if you’ll be able to sleep or if you need distractions.  Here are my essential gadgets for travel that can be … Continue reading Gadgets