Alta Billie is a blog named for my great aunt, whose wanderlust inspired my own.  She traveled all over the world, living in Germany for quite some time, and always brought us gifts and stories from her travels.  She visited China right after it opened in the late 70s, and how I wish I could talk with her about that now, having lived in Beijing in 2001.

Though I originally thought this would be a travel blog, I also live in a beautiful state in the Deep South, often condescended to (and sometimes deserved) that I want to share.  I also love music, books, animals, and science fiction, so maybe there will be some of that too.

I am starting over as far as blogs go.  I had one that I used starting about 10 years ago and stopped using it when I went on a crazy diet and created a different blog for that.  It’s hard to be hard core about one thing for a long time, and so my other blog died too.  Because I like to write and I like to take photos and create, be it food, photos, art, wreaths out of CDs (that was a fail), etc. I figured why not start a new one – one that is not focused on my meal planning but just a general “I like this and maybe you will too” blog.

Feel free to contact me: altabillie@gmail.com

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