Late Night Snack

Last night after several glasses of wine, we decided that we needed a late night snack.  After looking through the refrigerator, we pulled out a smoked catfish from A Taste of the Delta, Inc.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a website, but there is a phone and fax.  I bet you could order one, since they do stay fresh if you keep them cold.  You should!  They are so good.  I’d love to get another one and try my hand at making the smoked catfish dip that used to be on the menu at Ajax Diner.  I so wish they still had that!

hello catfish tail

We used some mayonnaise and Rendezvous barbecue sauce to top our crackers and catfish.  Oh my, it is so good!  Rendezvous barbecue sauce is the best sauce.  Although my husband constantly picks up new barbecue sauce (he likes to accessorize all of his food with barbecue sauce), we always have Rendezvous in the fridge.  And, if you haven’t ever been to Rendezvous in Memphis, Tennessee, you should go right now!  The ribs are phenomenal.  I was a vegetarian for a long time, then I integrated fish, eggs, and chicken back into my diet.  Now, I eat just about anything.  But, the only time I ever ate pork during that phase was at the Rendezvous.  Seriously, they are that good.

Back to the catfish – here are some photos from last night.  Just a little bit of mayo and some barbecue sauce makes this an awesome hors d’oeuvre or a snack.  Mississippi catfish tastes the best, by the way!

get it, winn!

If you’d like to contact the makers of this fine product, here is the info from the package: