Day 30 of Project 365

I made it to Day 30!  Very exciting.  Like I said before, I have trouble completing creative projects and making it through an entire month is a nice mental milestone for me.  Click here to see how it’s shaping up.

In trying to pin down a theme, which on Day 13 I decided would be music, I’ve found that I really enjoy taking long exposures at night.  Since I’m often in my office all day, I’m unable to get out and about to take photos during the day.  And, really, who wants photos of “Cell Block 8” (which I affectionately call my office)?  Just kidding, it’s not that bad.  And I’m glad I have my own office when space is so scarce at my workplace.

I’ve been going out after I get home from work and taking photos.  I often think that ordinary things are much more enchanting in the moonlight.  Tonight I went out to the railroad tracks north of town.  I wasn’t familiar with the area and couldn’t find a safe place to park, so I will be going back there soon.  Stay tuned.

I then went to the Oxford Cemetery where William Faulkner is buried.  It is quite old, and I focused on the older section.  The cemetery is located about 5 blocks from the Square, and there are residences all around, which illuminate sections of the cemetery.  Here are some shots from tonight!


I saw some mist behind a tombstone as I was taking this photo.  It was there for a second, gone the next.  Along with being alone in a cemetery, this made me uneasy.

tombstone2 Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter did not want me to take this photo.  Every time I tried to focus, a black smoke-like shape seemed to cover my lens.  I finally got one that seemed to work.  Sorry, Mr. Porter.


cemetery beautiful sky tonight

statueAnd, Day 30’s photo.  I selected this one as part of my project because the sky was gorgeous.

cemetery Day 30 of 365