Buried Treasure

During my last visit to see my parents, I found a roll of negatives in my bathroom drawer.  With no idea of how they got there, I tucked them away in my bag to scan when I returned home, assuming they were my own negatives from when I lived with my parents.

The negatives sat on my vanity for weeks before I decided to scan them – I just figured they were some older negatives from a class or something.  To my surprise and delight, the negatives showed photos that had been photographed themselves, I think by my grandmother.  It’s very special to find something like this – the photos are from around the time of WWI.  They show my great-grandfather’s training before he went to Europe for WWI and of some children that I don’t recognize.  My grandmother’s handwriting is on some of them.  I assume they were taken by my great-grandfather.  Perhaps I can find others that will help me piece these together.

Battery E – Firing cannon, 1918.
Train Wreck – notice how much of the train is wooden
Another shot of the train wreck
I just think this is adorable. I don’t know who he is.
The Ship That Brought Us Home – S.S. Finland