Spring Fever

The weather, although not consistent, has been nice quite a bit lately.  That coupled with Daylight Savings happening tonight put me in such a good mood that I went outside to do the dreaded weeding of the flower beds after winter.  Most of the day it was around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with sun and a little breeze.  Beautiful.

I made a new friend while tearing out the horrible little plants that have invaded my flower bed:

In the top left photo, she is staring down the dogs in my back yard.  They hate it when an animal, flaunting its freedom, dares come into view, much less me give that animal any attention.  I’ve seen this cat before.  She is so pretty.  All black with those green eyes.  I appreciate cats’ nonchalance, especially when they aren’t mine.

She’s so soft. And playful!
She found the boat.

Apparently she likes to scratch the astroturf in the boat.  Eek.

After scraping through the flower beds, I tackled our raised garden bed.  It’s now aerated and ready for planting!  I heard that our Farmer’s Market has some great kale and Swiss chard to grow until it’s time for summer vegetables.  I’ll be getting some this week, to make my favorite beet recipe: French Peasant Beets.  It really does make you feel very French.  Who else would enjoy fine cheese and wine with root vegetables?

Ready for planting!

And here’s my little (naked) pal, who really wanted to join me in hoeing the garden.

He SOOOO wants to dig in the dirt with me!

The compost heap has been upgraded from my chicken wire and stakes of last year.  I found it at Sam’s for $16 last fall.  Score!

Finally, here’s a question for all of you gardeners out there.  I have a big problem.  A blackberry bush has taken over the back corner of my yard.  At first we thought it was so neat that we would be able to have blackberries in the summer, and we enjoyed the privacy it gave us from our crazy neighbor (who is, at this very moment, pruning trees and doing outdoor repairs at 10:45 pm).  After the first few harvests and cobblers, the new wore off.  Now, it is just a horrible bush that I can’t seem to kill.  It just keeps growing and growing and growing and growing.  Maddening, I tell you.

How the hell do you kill this thing?  We want to expand the yard with a new fence, but the blackberry bush has to go.  My boss suggested MDA, but I hear it’s really strong, and I’d love something that won’t hurt the dogs or other animals out there.

There’s the bastard. The bush, that is.