I’m writing from the same spot on the couch on which I’ve been sitting for a month. The spring started great, with a trip to Mexico and Australia (both of which I have not written about yet), but the weekend I returned from Melbourne I tripped over my dog, tried to catch myself, and broke my humerus near my shoulder. Good times. My dog is fine if you were wondering.

After about 2.5 weeks, I had surgery to put a pin in my arm. I’ve never had surgery or been anesthetized, which was weird. Got some good drugs.

It’s really amazing how much one uses the shoulder area. My goodness the pain was excruciating. I’ve been Percoceting…  Life savers, but sometimes scary. At night I hallucinate, but it keeps me still while I sleep upright. On the couch. I thought I saw Rick Grimes in my living room, and his presence implied a zombie invasion outside. Terrifying.

I went back to work a week after surgery and started driving with one arm the next day. I think I’ve overextended myself this week though, hence the sitting on the couch. Again. I did go to Tuesday Morning today before 11:00 after having woken up at 8:00, had some tea, read the news, and just milled about. It’s amazing to get up and do stuff on Saturday morning, honestly I can’t remember a Saturday when I haven’t slept until at least 11:00. I think this may be the start of something good. Who knew it took immobility and being somewhat housebound to start waking up early?

Back to the couch, I’m so bored! I created a new Instagram account, @blairmcelroy, for my photography (rather than dinner and cocktail photos). I am currently wearing a Biore nose strip which can be applied with one hand. My husband has gotten pretty good at ponytails. I’ve finished watching Parenthood, almost all of Breaking Bad (I have to take that in small doses, Walt just depresses me), and I’m almost done with Daredevil’s first season. People have been incredibly kind and my mom has come to visit twice which is wonderful to see her. We both work a lot and it’s hard to make time for each other, but we need to.

All that said, I really want to be mobile and able to use two arms. I can’t use my camera or exercise. I won’t be taking this for granted once I’m back to normal. Or better than normal with my bionic arm!