Cooking with Lavender

I mentioned that I wanted to cook with lavender in my previous post.  Well, I tried it.  Let me say this – I love the smell of lavender.  I have lavender soap in my bathroom, lavender linen spray for my sheets, and a lavender-scented eye mask for the “corpse pose” in yoga.  I love it.

So, I made some lavender and honey ice cream about a week ago.  I took some pictures because I had really high hopes for the process being a blog post.  And I really wanted to like it.  But it tasted like soap.  Like I had taken a big bite of my Dead Sea Salt Lavender soap (I love One With Nature‘s soap).  Gross me out.

Maybe I’ll try it again, using less lavender.  Maybe I’ll try a different recipe.  I’m open to suggestions!  Let me know if you have a good recipe that uses lavender – I’d love to try it!