Belize: Food and Drink

In my previous post I realized that I really needed more than one post about our trip.  The food!

El Pescador has great food.  Breakfast and lunch are offered during set times during the day.  I discovered the fried jacks (or fry jacks) on the breakfast menu, and they are glorious.  I read about them before we arrived, trying to see what Belizean dishes we should try.  They did not disappoint.  Unfortunately I didn’t even take a photo, but here is a link to a recipe.  While they are fried, I said to myself that we are on vacation and that I can indulge, right?  They are light and puffy, and I ordered mine with eggs and ham inside.  Yum.

For lunch, we ate fish tacos, a brown rice bowl with shrimp (the rice had coconut, pineapple, and cilantro), and wraps.  Everything we got was light and flavorful.

Dinner at El Pescador creates a lovely community between its guests.  We sat with fellow guests and got to know some really wonderful people over the week.  It was always sad when people would leave, even though we never even got anyone’s last name.  (I did google one of our fellow diners based on a couple things he said, and he was kind of a big deal.)  If you caught a bonefish, permit, and/or tarpon, you’d get a pin of the fish you caught.  Winn and I both got a bonefish pin on our last night.  Someday I’d love to catch a permit.  They are super cool.


The bar at El Pescador is open from noon to midnight or until the last guest leaves, whichever occurs first.  It is a fairly quiet place, especially since many guests go out early for fishing, but we really enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  If we wanted to go back to our room, we could get a six pack of Belikin for our fridge and we’d hang out on our balcony, talking about the day and how much fun we had.

We drove into San Pedro on a golf cart to purchase our own snorkeling gear – we really loved snorkeling the reef – and we stopped for lunch at El Fogon.

I got the conch soup special, and Winn got the pigtail with tomato and onion sauce.  He loved it.  I discovered on this trip that I love conch!  Never had it before.



Everything goes great with a Belikin!

The casting coach, Issa, told us about the seafood platter at a place called Waruguma.  Fantastic and so much food!  We split the seafood platter between us and still had some left.  Octopus, lobster, mussels, conch, shrimp, you name it.

Belikin Stout is also delicious.  I’m not a stout person, but this is not bitter or heavy like other stouts.  



On our final day, we ventured once again into San Pedro for lunch.  PUPUSAS ARE LIFE.

Pupusas are an El Salvadorean treat, served with tomato sauce, cabbage, and hot sauce.
I ordered the “mixed” pupusas, which had pork, beans, and cheese.


Happy, hot mouth.

It seemed like all the hot sauces were habañero-based.  As chiliheads, this made us very happy.  Also, Marie Sharp’s is Belizean!  I had no idea – we came home with some small bottles in a variety of flavors.

Overall, the food on Ambergris Caye was amazing.  We had a nice variety and discovered some new foods.  Everything was fresh and delicious.