Belize: Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Fishing

As I mentioned in my first post about Belize, we decided on Ambergris Caye because of a book called Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die: Kayaking and Rafting Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations.  The first full day we headed out to the lagoon to see what was back there.  It is quite shallow and people fish back there by wading or going out in a kayak.  We didn’t take any fishing poles, just a Go Pro and sunscreen.


El Pescador arranged for a snorkeling trip, and we went to Mexico Rocks.  We talked with fellow guests who had gone to Hol Chan and also Mexico Rocks, and they said that Mexico Rocks had fewer people and was better.  Without having been to Hol Chan, I can’t compare personally, but since we went twice to Mexico Rocks, I’d say it was a hit.  We saw squid, a barracuda, lobster, Eagle Rays, a nurse shark, lobster, tons of fish, coral, anemones, and even a Moray eel.  I had never snorkeled before, and I loved it so much.

We also went fly fishing.  We lucked out with our guide, Captain Michael.  He was a patient teacher and had me casting in 20 minutes.  I caught 5 bonefish and 1 dogfish snapper.  Winn caught 5 bonefish.  We both got our pins on the last night, thanks to Michael.  One more thing I’ve never done: fly fish.  It really is a beautiful skill, and one that I am so glad to have learned and will continue to hone.


At one moment as we made our way to our fishing spot, I was overcome with love for my husband.  I know it sounds sappy, but there we were, two people on a journey together, literally and figuratively, and I am so glad to call him my partner.  xoxo

Thank you, Belize, for giving us a wonderful time together, for recharging our batteries, and for giving us the travel bug (for trips together!).