Gary Coleman

I remember using this Coleman camp kitchen in the late 80s.  It has been safely stowed away in my dad’s warehouse for 20 years (is it 20?  Or 30?).  It never really got much use because my dad had an Airstream set up that was immobile but so cool.  If anything, we would use the Airstream as the kitchen if we were out in Beech Bluff, Tennessee and needed to cook or wash something.

A few months ago I was home and he gave it to me, and we used it immediately.  It is fantastic!  It has a sink with a stopper, a storage spot, cutting area, camp stove, and places to hang things.  AND it has a checkerboard and backgammon board with all the pieces!

I call him Gary.  Gary Coleman.

While you may not be able to find a vintage one like Gary, Amazon has Gary 2.0 that is reasonably priced.  They really are worth it for ease and set up if you don’t have a picnic table or other larger table to cook and cut on.

Gary gets the job done.