Water On The Go

Being outside means you’re probably moving around, and you need water!  The LifeStraw is a trusted means of getting clean drinking water.  You may have seen the original LifeStraw which is super convenient, but they also make a LifeStraw Water Bottle!  I love the purple one.  I’ve found this helpful if I run out of water on the river or if my hike takes longer than expected.  There are several different styles/features from LifeStraw – check them out!

I have a wide variety of water bottles as I try to reduce my use of plastic, and I love each of them for different reasons.  At work, working out, or at home I use either my Jackson Kayak Nalgene bottle, Yeti Rambler, or S’well bottle.  Mainly because they are cute.

However, in countries where it isn’t safe to drink the tap water, a LifeStraw bottle will help you reduce your use of single-use plastic water bottles and save money so you don’t have to buy water all the time.

In addition, LifeStraw gives back to communities without clean drinking water through your purchases.  I chose this particular filtration system because of the good work they are doing.  Being from the US, I took having clean drinking water for granted until having traveled overseas.  Clean water should be available for every person on Earth!