Billie the Airstream

So… big news. We found a 1967 Globetrotter about 40 minutes from our house that was in great, almost ready-to-go shape and was a good price. While it sounds extra to have two Airstreams, Annie is obviously a work in progress while Billie has already been taken out!

Billie is blue and white. At first I wasn’t sold on it not being silver, but I LOVE it now.

It took a little time to get her ready (there were a few electricity issues), but she is so perfect for two people. On Easter weekend we took her to Tishomingo State Park. It was pouring down and 35 degrees on Friday night, and we were snug and warm inside, listening to the sound of the rain hitting the roof. It was fantastic. On Saturday we woke up to the sun and birds chirping, and I swear I thought there couldn’t be a better place.

Couch/Bed 1
Couch/Bed 2, and we kind of exploded all over the kitchen area.
Toilet and shower. We aren’t using this yet even though it is functional. When bath houses are so close, no reason to deal with all that.
Bathroom sink. The light above the electric outlet still works – it is super cute.
Of course we brought a dog bed, for Billy Corgan the Dog and Skip (@oneeyedskip).

There are definitely some style changes I’d like to make but not many. I’d like to recover the couches into a lighter fabric, paint the bathroom (not crazy about the gray toilet), and replace the curtains. But overall I love the original wood and the original light fixtures and think we can find some really great fabric to lighten up the space that also goes with the original items.

Since this is the first time we took Billie out, it was a bit of a trial run on what we need to take with us. Do any of you use Evernote? I love it for work, but it is so great for keeping lists and to-dos. It updates across devices, so when I get back to my desk, I can look up and purchase the items on my list from the Evernote app on my computer. Anyway, we learned we need:

  • A small entry rug (since it rained and it was so muddy, we found that out REAL quick) – I ordered this one from Amazon after we got back:
  • Orange Igloo cooler for water – sounds weird but all we had to drink was beer because we forgot to bring water (I’m ok with water from a hose but the hubs is not keen on it).
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Sponges
  • Recycling bin
  • Small bins for the cabinets so items don’t roll around (and so we can keep nonperishables in the trailer at all times)
  • Utensil organizer
  • Awning
  • Flip flops – for getting up in the middle of the night, especially if the floor is wet from tracking in rainwater. These Teva flip flops are my absolute favorite flip flops. So comfortable. I have worn out so many of them and ordered a new pair just for the trailer!
Hi honey!
Billy Corgan the Dog, lounging.
Our little old man.

Billy and I spent a few hours on Saturday reading (me) and sleeping (him). I finished The River by Peter Heller, and it broke my heart. Highly recommend.

The Sentinel.
One-eyed Skip.

We had such a great time, and I am so happy that we decided to take the chance on this little blue and white Airstream. She’s perfect.