Meet Annie

In January, Annie the Airstream came to live with us.  I did an Instastory showing Billy Corgan the Dog and I checking her out and thinking through the remodel a bit.  Sorry the video is vertical!

Apparently Airstream serial numbers weren’t in any order when they first came out, so even if you have a serial number, before a certain year it doesn’t help you in identifying the year or model. While I knew she was a 24′ Trade Wind, I found through some research that Annie is a 1966 model due to the windows and some other features. It also previously had two twin beds. One side was converted to a desk that my dad used. His good friend, a woodworker, put in the newer cabinets in the 80s but much of the right side is original.

Here is the original floor plan:

I can’t wait to get started. She’s going to be a beaut!